3 Nights in August

Three Nights in August captures the strategic and emotional complexities of baseball’s quintessential form, the three-game series. As the St. Louis Cardinals battle their archrival Chicago Cubs, we watch from the dugout through the eyes of legendary manager Tony LaRussa, considered by many to be the shrewdest mind in the game today. The second winningest manager of all-time, he’s built his success on the conviction that ball games are won not only by the numbers, but also by the hearts and minds of those who play.

Drawing on unprecedented access to a major league manager and his team, Buzz Bissinger brings a revelatory intimacy to baseball and offers surprising observations. Bissinger also furthers the debate on major league managerial style and strategy in a provocative new afterword in the paperback edition.


  • 14 weeks on The New York Times Bestseller List
  • A “Best Book of the Year” by the Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor and Rocky Mountain News
  • “Superb…a fascinating look inside the managing of a professional baseball team.” –John Grisham, The New York Times Book Review
  • “A first-rate account of a battle of titans…A real treat for scholarly baseball fans, and a better management book than most on the business shelves.”–Kirkus Review, Starred Review
  • “The best baseball book I’ve read in a decade.”–Rocky Mountain News
  • “A can’t-miss collaboration…a richly detailed examination of the hidden game of baseball and the manager’s role in trying to solve its endless riddles–Chicago Tribune