Twenty-two year ago I wrote the book Friday Night Lights. I thought that is where the story ended. But it is actually where it began in the bond I formed with the key character of the book, running back Boobie Miles. For all of those twenty-two years we have forgotten each other.

At first we were friends. Now we are family, an unlikely pairing given my roots of privilege in Manhattan and his roots of poverty in Texas. Since he played football at Permian High School in Odessa, Texas, Boobie's life has been a terrible struggle. I witnessed what happened at Permian, how he was treated as a football animal incapable of learning, and also subjected to brutal racism once he hurt his knee and could no longer play. When you are treated like that, you don't have a chance.

I have helped Boobie financially in trying to overcome his struggles. I have helped him because he needs the help, and I have helped him because he is a kind and decent man who deserves far better than he has received. And he has helped me with his warmth and laugh and fortitude no matter what the circumstances.

After Friday Night Lights is our story, honest, unexpurgated, but ultimately one of inspiration and finding love in the unlikeliest of settings.